Our Clients

ITECH’s clients come from diverse backgrounds but they want strong IT foundations for their businesses.

ITECH Solutions strives to work with forward-thinking business owners, managers, executives, and internal IT staff who want to succeed. These types of mindsets understand that dealing with headaches and frustration resulting from technology issues is a waste of time and money. Successful businesses understand their IT infrastructure is vital to the day-to-day operations and demonstrate the following characteristics:

Understand ROI

  • Look at their IT costs as investments (not expenses) to improve security, efficiency, and continuity
  • Understand that quick band-aid fixes are a poor investment and would rather replace/upgrade equipment and systems for a better ROI
  • Understand the true cost of ownership, which includes ongoing maintenance, not just the initial purchase

IT vital to operations

  • Understand they are a technology company first and without technology, they cannot deliver their products and services
  • See IT as a “trusted operations advisor” who helps with strategic planning to ensure their IT infrastructure will be able to keep up with future growth or changes in their industry
  • Understand the importance of having proper and up-to-date documentation about their IT infrastructure

Budget for IT

  • In being a “technology first” company, understand the importance of increasing IT budgets each year
  • Understand the importance/shift to adding operational IT costs over traditional capital IT costs
  • Include IT during budget process to ensure proper planning for growth, efficiencies, and continuity is in place

Requires security

  • Understand the importance of having multiple security layers in place to protect against today's cybersecurity threats, preferring security over convenience
  • See the importance of outsourcing with an IT service provider who is partnered with a cybersecurity firm for accountability, fostering a “no threat goes undetected” ecosystem
  • Need to know what is happening with company data and network activity every second of the day

Uptime is crucial

  • Know or want to know what as little as an hour of downtime costs the organization
  • Have a strategic mindset and strive to prevent issues that cause downtime
  • Require an ironclad cloud continuity and disaster recovery plan with quick responses to any IT emergencies

Understand the value in co-management

  • Organizations with internal IT staff understand that a co-managed partnership provides the needed tools and support to retain internal IT employees
  • Understand that co-managed partnerships give internal IT staff the resources they need to stay ahead of the curve
  • See the value in having multiple teams working together to keep each other accountable and successful, providing proper due diligence