If you’re running a business, data security is one of the most important things you can invest in.

With nearly every bit of valuable data and information being stored online or on the cloud, data and systems security is of paramount importance now more than ever before.

In the state that gave the world big tech and the personal computer, you’re no less vulnerable to hacks or data breaches.

Even in San Luis Obispo – and the state of California in general – a number of businesses are still behind on the measures they take to secure all this information. It’s this gap in operations and security that results in unnecessary data leaks. External IT support from a third-party professional may be just what your business needs. Here are some ways in which your data and systems can be protected with IT support.

IT support systems offer layered security

Layered security essentially means that several security controls are in place, all aiming to keep your data and systems safe.

The idea is that a layered system gives you backups and redundancies by establishing several layers of security.

If you’re operating beyond a few machines or employees, it may not be possible for you to achieve layered security within the organization yourself; but an IT support service provider can set up and administer a layered defense system for you, protecting your systems from external attacks and the possibility of cybercrime.

The advantage of having multiple layered security checks in place is that it makes it harder for your data and systems to be accessed and tampered with, reducing your vulnerability and the likelihood of costly and dangerous data breaches.

IT support prepares your company for the worst

The upside to hiring IT support is that your employees can be trained to handle any emergencies smoothly, working alongside your IT support service providers.

While security checks can keep hacks and cybercrimes at bay, there are other threats to your data, especially in San Luis Obispo and along the California coast.

In case of non-malicious risks, like fires or earthquakes, a detailed backup is one of the best bets you can place, and IT support prepares your staff for such emergencies, and organize training programs that educate your staff about risks and how to deal with them. Having expertise like this on-hand increases your resiliency across your organization.

IT support offers all-round protection

Without a thorough analysis of your data structure, it’s not easy for you to know exactly what controls your data and systems need.

Often, businesses don’t have the resources to do a full audit internally; but IT support service providers have the expertise that’s needed to analyze and build customized controls that can protect your data comprehensively, irrespective of who it is shared with, where it is stored, and how often it is updated or changed.

These controls also help offer controlled accessibility, where you, as the business, can decide who to share information with, and how. IT support gives you controlled data protection, while leaving it to you to customize the details.

IT support is a huge deal. As hacks become more common, and data breaches become more and more potentially damaging, it’s only with strong, robust control measures that you can stay secure and give confidence to your clients.

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