Our Clients

ITECH Solutions strives to work with forward-thinking business owners, managers and executives who want to succeed. These type of mindsets understand that dealing with headaches and frustration resulting from technology issues is a waste of time and money. They also want to improve staff morale by spending less time and energy dealing with technology issues.

Successful businesses understand their IT infrastructure is vital to the day to day operations and demonstrate the following:

  • Have a pro-active mindset and strives to prevent issues from happening
  • Understand the true cost of ownership which includes ongoing maintenance, not just the initial equipment purchase
  • Know what as little as an hour of downtime costs the organization
  • Understand that quick band-aid fixes are a poor investment and would rather replace or upgrade equipment for a better return on investment
  • Budget for IT expenses to ensure preventative maintenance is performed
  • Treat their IT expenses as investments to improve efficiency and redundancy
  • Want a no hassle all-inclusive day to day support plan with a fixed monthly cost, and no more unforeseen hourly billing charges that can spike expenses.
  • Needs a partner to help plan ahead to ensure their IT infrastructure will be able to keep up with future growth or changes in the company
  • Requires an iron clad disaster recovery plan with quick response to any IT emergencies
  • Recognizes the importance of outsourcing IT services for expertise and redundancy should internal staff leave the company
  • Understand the importance of having proper and up to date documentation about their IT infrastructure