Top 10 Benefits of Office 365

The Top 10 Benefits of Office 365 For Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, the benefits of Office 365 make it a great investment for your company. Wondering how you can take advantage of Microsoft Office on the cloud? Here are just a few reasons you should consider Office 365 for your business.

1. Edit And Access Documents Anywhere

You can access and edit Office 365 documents anywhere that has an internet connection – and from just about any device. This helps you and your employees get more work done, wherever you may be.

2. Automatic Saving And Document Revision

Never worry about computer crashes or hard drive failures destroying mission-critical documents again. Office 365 allows you to look at automatic revisions of your documents, and saves automatically when you make changes – keeping your work safe, no matter what.

3. No More Crashes Or Downtime

Office 365 runs on Microsoft’s advanced servers – ensuring that your data is safe and protected, and that you never have to worry about downtime, either from a failing server, or from a natural disaster like a fire or a flood.

4. Secure By Design

Office 365 uses modern encryption and data protection techniques to keep your documents safe and secure – and allows you to wipe any sensitive data from laptops and mobile devices, should they be lost, stolen, or misplaced.

5. You Can Stay Organized

Office 365 lets you sync Outlook, the Microsoft Office Suite, your contacts, calendar, and more together, which helps keep you organized and ensures maximum efficiency at your small business.

6. Flexible Monthly Billing

Office 365 allows you to pay every month, based on how many users you have. Office 365 Business costs $10 per user per month, or $8.25 per month if you pay for a year at a time – so you don’t have to overpay for expensive software.

7. Always Stay Updated

Office 365 is automatically updated with the latest and greatest features, ensuring you’re always on the cutting edge, and that you never have to worry about security flaws or other issues related to outdated software.

8. More Mailbox Storage

Office 365 provides you with 50GB of email storage space – and through Microsoft OneDrive, you can get access to even more storage, should you need it. You’ll never have to worry about deleting emails again!

9. Easy Collaboration

With shared document editing, you can easily leave comments, edit documents, and make changes to single collaborative document – which helps streamline workflows, particularly for important documents and presentations.

10. You’ll Already Know How To Use It

Office 365 is built to function just like a traditional Office software suite – so you won’t have to worry about relearning how to use PowerPoint, Excel, Word, or Outlook. You’ll already know the basics – and from there, it’s easy to learn about the exciting new features offered by Office 365.

Upgrade To Office 365 Today – Enjoy These Benefits (And More)

If you’re a small business owner, Office 365 is a great investment. It’s affordable, flexible and scalable, and offers a huge number of features – in an already-familiar package. Make the switch today!

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