A Collaborative Web Design Process That Produces Results

Our proven design methodology ensures that you not only have a great-looking website, but that it is intuitive to use, meets business objectives, and accurately portrays your brand.

Branding and Personality

Information ArchitectureWe start the design process by exploring the branding and personality of the website as well as getting a feel for the target audience. Some questions we work with you to answer are:

  • What words describe your brand?
  • How is your brand used with existing material?
  • What are the demographics of your target audience?

This information will be instrumental in creating the right experience for users.

Information Architecture

Information ArchitectureThe next step in the design process is to get the information architecture nailed down for the website. We want to make sure that the information on the website is organized to:

  • Focus on the right business objectives
  • Allow users to find what they're looking for
  • Prevent confusion

A clearly organized and well-thought-out information architecture sets the stage for a successful website.


WireframingGreat web design is about a lot more than just making a website look good. Wireframing allows us to determine what should appear on pages, how things are labeled, and the relative emphasis on elements. We use several tools for this, but what we're focused on is making sure the website is intuitive for users and geared towards the business goals of the company.

Design Concepts

Design ConceptsAt this stage we've really done our homework to determine how the website should feel, what it should contain, and how it should present its information. We create a design concept based on the information we've collected, and produce a concept that is well-thought-out and derives from a proven methodology.

User Testing

User TestingNo matter how happy we are with the design, independent user testing is always helpful. It will help to confirm our direction or provide insight on changes. User testing doesn't need to be a long or expensive process, and we can make recommendations on how to make it effective.

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